Its Your Choice! #999

Question: If you were to die tonight,
where would your Soul go?
Your Soul is just a Tenant in your
body, you know, while you’re alive.
When you die, your Soul lives on,
its your choice where it goes after you die
based upon one decision you make while you’re
See, God loves you; He wants you to be with Him in Heaven
for Eternity!
But there’s a problem:
Ever since Adam & Eve sinned
in the Garden of Eden over 6,000 years ago,
“man” has been infected with a disease
there is only ONE cure for it!
The Disease is SIN and the ONLY cure for it
is God’s Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ whom He sent to this
Earth over 2,000 years ago for ONE main Purpose:
To live a perfectly sinless life while here so that
when He was Crucified on the Cross, He took our place,
He paid the Price for ALL of your sins, my sins and the
sins of the entire human race: IF they would, individually,
1.) Believe that He is the Holy Son of God;
2.) Accept Him as their Personal Savior, by Faith;
3.) Confess that they are a sinner and Repent of those sins;
4.) And Yield control of their lives over to Him and make
Him the Lord of their life.
If you can open your heart to the Holy Spirit and lift up a
Prayer to God the Father those 4 things, in Jesus’ Name,
and truly mean it, you will be Born Again
and your name will be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life,
described in Revelations 20:15.
And I must tell you,
as it is written in that verse:
At Judgment Day, when
you come before God the Father, if your name is not in that Book,
you will be taken by Angels and thrown into the Lake of Fire
for Eternity.
It is your choice while you are alive.
After death,
no matter what you hear, there is no second chance.
Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to
the Father except through Him (John 14:6).
You cannot EARN your way into Heaven, the Price has
already been paid by:
Christ’s Atoning Death on the Cross;
His burial in a borrowed tomb;
His Resurrection on the third day, Easter, which we celebrate a week from Sunday and
His Ascension back into Heaven to sit upon His Throne at the
Right-Hand-Side of His Father God, the Sovereign King of the
Universe as our:
High Priest, Advocate, Lord and Savior.
Please: Accept Jesus as your Personal Savior and Say that Prayer
right now.
Those are 3 of the most important letters in the
English Language: N O W!
You do not know for sure that you
will be alive tomorrow.
And if you delay in doing it, you
have already decided just like: If you didn’t get on a plane leaving
for another city and it left without you: You Decided.
All that I can do is tell you all of this.
You really have to
open your heart to the Holy Spirit, our Counselor whom
God sent to be with us and guide us when Jesus returned
to be with the Father.
If you are still not led to ask Jesus into your heart, please
call the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc at: 877-247-2426.
I am not a part of that Wonderful Organization but they
allow me to place Dr Graham’s messages on my Blog
every night at:
In His Service,
Bob Lewis
Vietnam Vet
Member: Sagemont Church
Houston, TX