He’s My King!

Pastor S M Lockeridge presented this Sermon many years ago.

I have listened to it MANY time.

Without offending anyone by presenting it in my own 75-year-old voice, I want to tell the 37,000 contacts that I have in all Social Networks and my email contacts, in the words of Pastor Lockeridge,

Who My King is!

Bob Lewis

‘Nam ’68


Daily Blog: http://ourdailybread101.com


PLEASE feel free to copy & paste this entire Presentation to all of your Contacts: All we can do, as Christians, is Witness to others. The Listener has to open his/her heart and Soul to The Holy Spirit, confess that they are a sinner, ask forgiveness of those sins and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior before they can become Born Again and have their personal ticket into the Kingdom of God.


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